Monday, December 22, 2014

Mele Kalikimaka!‏

Mele kalikimaka, one and all!

Gosh it's so crazy how fast time is going. I have felt so much love from not only my support system in Arizona, but from my ward ohana here in Kaneohe (:

We had a lot of really great lessons this week. We have an investigator named Reuben, and he's been taking the discussions for just under a year now. He wants to be baptized so badly, and he truly loves the Lord. He is unable to, though, because he's on parole. Sister Lasike and I pray often for him, in hopes that he will be able to be baptized soon. He has changed so much over the years, and all because of what he calls "my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ". He's amazing, he shares his testimony often and is a missionary already, and he's not even baptized yet! Love him!

Our recent converts, and elderly couple named Richard and Catherine (but we call them Grandma and Grandpa), came to church and stayed all 3 hours, another Christmas miracle! They really enjoyed themselves. We see them twice a week, and usually their grandson, Aiden who is 3, is there. Aiden and I are buddies, and I always play with him so we can teach Grandma and Grandpa. He reminds me so much of Vincent and Tony, he's super cute and kinda crazy. I think of my little brothers often here, actually, a lot of the families in the ward have little boys around their age. Crazy, yeah?

So many members have been feeding us this week, and really helping us through this season without our families. Their hearts are so big, and full of love to give. We've been given gifts and money from many members, and they are just so excited to serve us. The longer I'm out here on the mission, the more I see that Christ-like love that I strive to have. There are so many special people in Hawaii, and I'm so blessed to be here.

OH so I'm sending some pictures of a street we live by. It's famous around the island, and people travel on a Christmas trolley just to see it. This neighborhood street goes ALL OUT FOR CHRISTMAS, decorations and all. The Sisters that serve in the YSA/Tongan branch, we took them the other night to see it and we took some pictures of it (:

I love my mission!

Yesterday, I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting about my conversion story, and tie it into some sort of Christmas theme. 

This Christmas season is not about the gifts, the music or the films. It isn't about getting the best deals on a present, or having the prettiest wrapping. It's about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, we would not have a way to return to our Father in Heaven. Without Him, there would be no way to live with Him again. I am eternally grateful for the gift of our Savior, a gift that didn't have to be given to us. But it was. I love Heavenly Father, Christ, and this special season. I have never had a more meaningful and special holiday season. I love and miss you all so much, but I know I'm where I need to be (:

Mele kalikimaka,
Sister Nori 

Look, I'm Princess Leia!

Sister Sateki and I

Sister UV and I

Sisters in the YSA/Tonga branch


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