Monday, June 22, 2015

Press Forward with Faith‏

Malo e lelei and alooooo-ha! #TeamNori here, reporting from Kapolei library with the latest and greatest. Oh, and how great it's been (: 

We have had some really great and meaningful lessons this week. Quite a few of our investigators went out of town this week, to various places like Samoa and the main land. We weren't able to have our usual lessons with Noe, Xavier, and a few others. BUT, we continued on.

We had our usual district floods, and we have 5 new investigators because of it! Hermana Castaneda and I have tried very hard to pray for our area, and focus on finding families to teach. The Lord has answered our prayers! This family is a military family. They've lived in various places of the world, including Germany several times. They are so much fun to talk to!
It was so funny, we went to their house to contact them. We were having car issues at the time, so we were delayed in walking over. We were frustrated, and said a prayer for our car, and then suddenly the entire family we were coming to visit pulls up. The Dad comes out with choke pizza, and says "Hey Sisters! Come join us for lunch!". Now, an average day for us in Kapolei is "GO AWAY" with a door slammed in our face. So the invite was music to our ears (: Such a kind family, and they believe in Jesus Christ. They are non-practicing Catholic, but say we can teach their two daughters, who are 9 and 17. Such a miracle!

Our ward is super supportive now. We have been in daily contact with our ward mission leader, and the work is moving forward with a positive tone. I love this ward, and the Kapolei area. I know Heavenly Father assigned me here for a bigger purpose than I will ever know. I love the people of Hawaii! My companion is heading back to the Visitors Center next week, and I will most likely stay here in Palehua. I am excited for a new start, and a new Sister to bond with. 

Big highlight of my week: I was able to have dinner with the zone leaders and with one of my favorite members from the Kaneohe 1st ward. What a blessing it was to serve in beautiful Kaneohe for 6 months. No matter what, K-town will always have a special place in my heart <3

I love you all very much, and bless yous for the support. Feel free to write me anytime! 

Mahalo nui loa,
Sister Noriega

Holstein family, we missed them so much while they were in Cali!!!

Look who I ran into at the mission office (: Miss her! Can't believe she goes home in August

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  1. Aw, that was super nice of that family to let them join them for lunch! Keep up the awesome work, Alexis!!