Monday, November 3, 2014

It's P-day again?

Aloha, all! (:

I honestly don't know where the week went. Yesterday I could barely believe it was already Sunday again, and now it's p-day. Time is starting to fly a little, and it feels really weird. But we started our P-day off with a trip to the ''beach", as in we did our personal studies sitting on the grass, with sand just a few yards ahead of us. Nobody was there, and it was overcast and BEAUTIFUL. I "pondered" my studies (it was a little nap but hey) for a while, and it was perfect. Gosh I wish I could send pictures, there is no way to describe Hawaii. Even the pictures don't do it justice, I can't wait to bring loved ones back once I come home :D

Our week has been an odd one. Tuesday we went to Papa Warner's house for pancakes as a zone, because we hit our goals woohooo! One of the Elder's made me a Mickey Mouse head pancake, it was cute! Then Sister Teuscher was really sick, so we stayed home a majority of the day. OH BUT BEFORE THAT we went to this place called Tutti Frutti, and literally had THE BEST DOLE WHIP OF MY LIFE. Oh man. Mom, you would love it here.

So Wednesday, many of our appointments fell through. I didn't feel discouraged though, I felt motivated. We have a few struggling recent converts, so this week we really focused on them and their needs. It's so hard, especially with the holidays coming up. These people are so scared about being homeless in a year, and not being able to give their children Christmas. I have been truly humbled, and so very grateful for the little apartment that we do have. That we know we are taken care of, and can afford food every week. I plan on making a lot of Christmas goody-baskets this year, to help out (: 

Halloween was bizarre. We had to stop tracting at 5, so all the missionaries in our zone got together and played sports and ate candy. Apparently I'm really good at handball, which is funny because I don't play sports ever. Here though, it's so much fun! Minimal injuries, lots of laughs, hardly any sleep, it was a successful night (: OH and there's an Elder from Arizona, and he and I both have histories with depression and anxiety, and he's really been able to help me a lot. I was totally put in this area by God, this is no coincidence.

Speaking of, there's a lady named Mapu in Weinberg Village. I may have mentioned this before (but frankly I can't remember so), but her daughter lives about an hour away from here. She's living in a group home, because she has been suicidal and severely self harms herself. Sister T and I talked to our mission president about us driving to visit her, because of where she is and my past with self harm. He approved us to go to Pearl City and see her, and I am SO excited. Mapu was on the phone with her, and said "When I look at Sister Noriega, I see you. I can't wait for you 2 to meet each other". I know that Heavenly Father gives us trials for a bigger purpose. I pray every day that I will be able to help this girl, and connect with her and make a difference. To show her recovery is possible, especially with the gospel. Please pray that we will be safe and have a meaningful and impactful visit with her this Saturday!

I keep trying to think of what else to write. Hmm.

We might be dropping an investigator soon, Papito. He will not pray, and he doesn't focus at all when we're teaching. He's flying through the BoM, but, not progressing. He has been meeting with the missionaries for months. I'm sad about it, and I am starting to see why agency can be extremely sad and frustrating. I pray for him daily as well.
One of our other investigators, though, will be baptized soon! Her name is Sasha, and she turns 10 this Friday. We visited her on Thursday, and Sister T asked "If you could ask Christ for one thing for your birthday, what would it be?" and Sasha replied "to be baptized!" quickly. Soooo (: Hopefully we'll get a date by the end of the week!  

I hope everyone is doing well, and being safe and all that jazz. I miss you all so much, but the Lord has a purpose for me, and I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity to serve (: I'M FINALLY HALFWAY THROUGH 3RD NEPHI BTW SOOOO THAT'S A HUGE DEAL I'M SO EXCITED YAY

Okay anyways, sorry I'm being random, just. So much happens in a week. I need to be better at journaling, that's my goal!


ofa atu, everyone!
Sister Noriega (actual Hawaiian Princess)

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