Monday, November 17, 2014

The 'Perfect' Week‏

Aloha, friends and family! 

First off, I am SUPER excited for everyone in Arizona right now! I've heard only good reports on the cultural celebration and dedication. I have the Phoenix Temple pic taped to my wall, so I see it everyday. Makes me so excited to go through it when I eventually come home! Congrats to everyone and for your hard work (:

So please excuse me, but I've been up since 3:45am. We went on a hike on Lanikai mountain, or pill box, as a zone to see the sun rise. So funny thing, the mountain is lava rock. And it was pitch black. And nobody remembered flashlights. I might have rolled my ankle... and cut up my legs and arm after almost rolling down the hill... but hey, the Lord kept me alive! It was intense. SO worth it though, we watched the sun and I got some amazing pictures. I think I may be able to send a lot home today :D Then, after the hike we got breakfast, and then we went to Kualoa ranch and took the bus tour and guess what? I WAS IN JURASSIC PARK AND I CRIED BEST DAY EVER AHHHH. I took a picture with one of the scene props. Seriously best day ever oh man. The rest of the stuff was super cool, got a lot of fun pictures. In about an hour we're meeting up and doing a water slide, hopefully no more injuries will occur (:

SO. This week, we taught Leni (the George family). She committed to baptism once more, and we needed her to come to sacrament meeting yesterday in order for her to keep that date. I PRAYED so much. I had a calm feeling, and I just, somehow knew she'd show up. Well, in sacrament on Sunday, she wasn't there. We had done announcements, and started to sing the sacrament hymn, and I was nearly in tears. Just as I was about to say she wasn't coming, I looked up and saw Leni and her 4 little girls walk in. They stayed all 3 meetings, and she had a great time. SO THANKFUL for Heavenly Father and the spirit, for keeping my hopes up and for helping her know that church would be an amazing experience (:

We also went over and taught the Souza family. They were very kind once more, and they let us in and fed us. THEN we brought out the Book of Mormon. They kinda freaked a bit, and started saying that they only worship ONE God, and Christ, and they just kinda went off for a bit. They still want us to come back, but they don't know about Joseph Smith. I wanted to bolt out of there, I was sick to my stomach. It's so hard to teach people who don't want to truly listen to your message, and let us explain ourselves. It's hard, too, when people do not believe Joseph Smith. I personally struggled with the fact that a 14 year old boy saw Christ and Heavenly Father, and supposedly restored the gospel. BUT. I prayed to know the truth, just as Joseph Smith did, and I received an answer. I know without a single doubt in my mind that he DID restore Christ's true church to the Earth once more, and I realized how strong my testimony was when they were telling us that we were wrong. They accused us of "being indoctrinated from birth" and "raised to believe lies" and I was able to say "Umm, actually NO" (but in a nicer way, of course). They turned red, and not gonna lie it was a satisfying moment. 

Patrick, once of our recent converts, received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. He had one of the bishops counselors come and get Teuscher and I from relief society, and it was such a special moment. Patrick has been so prepared by the Lord to be a member, and to serve Him. I cried during the blessing, and just, felt the spirit so strongly. LOVE this gospel!

We had many good lessons this week. Our zone DESTROYED our goals, like for example, we wanted to teach 45 with member lessons. Want go guess how many we ended up teaching? 72! We all worked SO hard, and this is the largest amount of lessons, new investigators, at sacrament, EVERYTHING. The Lord is helping us as we are obedient to the commandments and mission rules. We had that perfect week were prayed and strived for! 

I have tried a few more fruits here, almost puked a few times, but hey it's all good. The food isn't what counts, it's the people. I love everyone here so much, and I am so grateful to be here. I feel myself forgetting myself more often, and losing myself in the work. I finished the Book of Mormon a few days ago, and have since restarted it, and I know with 100% assurance that it is truly the word of God. I know this church is true, and that Heavenly Father loves us and that Christ died for us so we could live with Him again. Love and miss you all so much! 

This holiday season, I challenge everyone to show your gratitude to someone in your life who you are thankful for. Think of a time where someone expressed how grateful they were for you, or something you did for them, and imagine making someone else feel that feeling. (:

'Ofa atu,
Sister Noriega

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  1. Jeez, seventy-two people taught! That's a lot! Nicely done, Alexis