Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Popping the Question

Malo e lelei and aloooo-ha! Nori here, to update you on the latest and greatest here in the Palehua ward in the Makakilo zone (:

On Tuesday, we had our first district/zone meeting. Our district leader is Elder Southwick, and we have a pretty rad district. We discussed families, and how they are the most important unit on the earth. We also were able to discuss General Conference, and what some of our favorite parts were. One of my most favorite quotes from Conference was "A Saint is a sinner who keeps on trying". We know we aren't perfect, and so does Heavenly Father. We have that potential to achieve perfection, but it will not be in this life and we must know that. We are here on this Earth to learn, and to grow. Because of Jesus Christ, we are able to start each day fresh, no matter how many times we mess up. No, as Saints we do not consider ourselves perfect, but we keep on trying (:
We also decided to go tracting that afternoon, and talk with as many people as possible. We specifically prayed for Heavenly Father to set people in our path that were ready to hear our message of the restored Gospel. We ran into about 5 people, and we have some new potential investigators. How grateful I am, for the power of prayer!

(1st pic in attachments: Hermana Casteneda and I tracting)

Wednesday we had PEARL HARBOR WOOO! It was a blast, as usual. We cleaned the scullery in the USS Missouri. It was extremely dusty, we were required to wear masks the whole time. As a zone we really were able to bond and get to know one another. It was such a fun day!

(2nd pic: Pearl Harbor, AZ Flag again!)

Later that day, we had a lesson with a 19 year old named Keanu. His parents are recent converts, and really love the gospel and each have strong testimonies. We had a few members come with us, and Castaneda and I taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, this is the first time we're meeting Keanu, let alone teaching him. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson, and then I did it. I popped the question: Keanu, will you be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God?
And do you know what he said?
HE SAID YES. He is set for baptism on April 28th!!!!!!! What in the world?! He is 100% solid. He so badly wants to enter the Temple, to go on a mission, and devote his life to the Lord. What an amazing guy he is, we are so excited for him. I'm so driven by his determination and love for this gospel! Pray that all goes well with Keanu, he has been prepared!

Thursday wasn't very eventful, because my companion, it was HER turn to be sick! AH. This just needs to stop going around to all the missionaries boo. We went on exchanges from Thursday night to Friday night with our Sister Training Leaders in Waipahu, so I went to the Ewa Beach 1st ward. I was with Sister Ranck, who came out just one transfer after me. We had a blast! Waipahu is super hot, though. Ah well, felt a little like home. (:

We taught Keanu the Restoration and Plan of Salvation at church yesterday. Again, Spirit was strong, and he definitely wants to be baptized on the 28th still. Gosh I'm SO HAPPY for him and his family. He's a great example to not only them, but to me as well. His faith and love exceeds many of those whom I've met in the church, and he is just. So ready for baptism. (:

I am doing well! I am no longer sick, I'm slowly learning the ukulele, counting down til Mother's Day, and preparing for Zone Conference tomorrow. I LOVE this gospel, and my mission. I am so happy with this work, and for all the miracles we've seen this week. I know that as we continue to pray to the Lord for guidance, He will bless us with work. With people who are prepared and ready to receive our message of Christ. I love you all so much! Please write me, here's my new address:

92-1230 Makakilo Drive #18
Makakilo, HI 96707

Aloha nui loa,
Sister Noriega

Hermana Casteneda and I tracting

Pearl Harbor - AZ flag!

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  1. It's so great to hear that Keanu is so sure of it! That's fantastic! I can't wait to hear Alexis play some ukulele when she gets back! That'll be so rad!