Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracle May!‏

Malo e lelei! It's been another exciting week in the Palehua ward :D

We have quite a few amazing weeks in front of us here in the Hi-Hon mission. Our mission President announced to us that this upcoming May is officially MIRACLE MAY! As a mission, we are shooting for a goal of 100 baptisms. We know that God is a God of miracles, and that as we are obedient and have faith in Him, we can achieve this goal. It's a pretty exciting initiative, and all the different wards and stakes are 100% on board! :D

Who says Miracle May has to start in May, though? Apparently not the Lord, because this week has been full of miracles! 

I'll start with Tuesday. Tuesday was a super long, tiring, spiritual day. We all went to Waipahu and had zone conference! We received training's from our mission president and his wife, our AP's, and our zone leaders. We were there from 8 til 5, and it was so great. We were taught a lot about being in the World but not of the World. How Satan is attacking us so much harder in these days, and how important it is that we cling to the iron rod and continue on in faith. How grateful I am for all that was prepared for us this day, it was a wonderful re-boost! :D I was also able to see a lot of my missionary friends, so there were many photos taken, and there was much rejoicing. 

So Wednesday was when the real miracles began.
Sister Paet (our Mom away from home basically) called and said she was available to go out and make visits with us Wednesday morning. We were so happy! We met with her at our chapel at 10am, and went to work. We went to visit a less active woman and her family, but she wasn't home. We walked away a little sad, because we have tried Rebecca quite a few times these past few weeks. As we were leaving, I saw a lady washing her car, and I suddenly got the prompting "That's Rebecca". I was like what? I don't even know what Rebecca looks like! But I knew the Spirit was directing. I told Sister Castaneda and Paet we needed to talk to this lady, and lo and behold it was REBECCA! She accepted a return appointment, and we were able to say a prayer with her. Gosh, it was a good moment!

THEN we went to visit Judy. Judy is an amazing woman, who was set with a baptism date but backed out the day after we arrived in the area. We had spoken with her over the phone a few times, but were never able to physically meet with her. Judy has some very big issues going on in her home with her husband, to the point that it wasn't safe for us to go and visit her. So we prayed, and the ward counsel and mission team prayed. Judy was able to find a temporary home, and Sister Paet knew where she had moved. We met with Judy, took her out to lunch, and had a long lesson with her in the chapel. Talking to her, Judy and I have a real connection. Literally while she was talking about the gospel, and how she feels undeserving and needs to know everything, I saw myself 2 years ago. 2 years ago I felt unworthy of God's love, of baptism, of being a choice daughter of God. That is what Judy is currently feeling now, and how blessed I feel that Heavenly Father has let our paths cross. She isn't set with a date yet, but we know she is slowly getting there. We just want to continue to help her feel our love and God's love, and all the rest will come in time (:

Within the next few days, we received 2 phone calls with people saying "Sisters, we found you a new investigator, come teach them now!". We had a total of 3 new investigators this week, just from the members finding! How important member missionary work is. As much as the missionaries can do, we cannot do it without the support and work with the ward. If you have time, go out with the missionaries. Even better, invite every one of your friends to hear the glad message of the gospel, help them to know the happiness it brings you. I promise you all, that as you do this, God will bless you with the words you need in that specific moment. No need fear!

Fear departs when faith endures (:

Keanu is getting baptized this Saturday, and everything is falling into place with that. We feel so much love for him, and we know that he has been prepared. He keeps getting mad that his family moved his baptism, he said "GUYS I HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR TO GO ON A MISSION I NEED TO GET BAPTIZED ASAP!". Yeah, he's pretty amazing (:

I love my mission. I love my Heavenly Father, and my brother Jesus Christ. What an amazing time to be a missionary, and to share my happiness with others. I hope everyone is doing well, and I also hope to possible get some mail this week? (: Haha! I love you all, and take care!

Aloha nui loa,
Sister Noriega

Most of Makakilo Zone


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  1. Wow, it sounds like this was a really busy week! Glad to see that her attitude was so positive throughout, it seems!