Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May the 4th be with You, Tokos!‏


#teamNori here, to update everyone on the happenings in the Palehua ward!

We will just start with the biggest event of this week: KEANU WAS BAPTIZED
He is officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints :D He was confirmed yesterday, given the gift of the Holy Ghost, and also the Aaronic Priesthood. 

It was a joyous Saturday for all of us, but especially for Keanu and his family. As I mentioned before, his parents just joined about a year ago. At that baptism, Keanu was watching via Facetime. At his baptism, the Bishop made a comment: "Keanu, when you were watching your parents be baptized this time last year, did you have any idea you'd be next?" Keanu replied no. Crazy how much a year can change things. The Lord prepares us, and when the time is right, we can have a mighty change of heart (:

Keanu's Baptism

Xavier, a child we just began teaching, came to Keanu's baptism. Xavier is about to turn 9 on May 17th, and he wants to be baptized on the 16th! At first he was terrified of baptism, and going under water. We showed him the Restoration video, where Joseph Smith's Father is baptized in the lake, and Xavier suddenly wanted to be baptized THAT VERY night! We were like noooo, not tonight, but SOON! He's super cute, we love teaching him (:

We did a lot of work this week, and had quite a few trials. Some I cannot mention, because it is personal information involving a few of our investigators, but know this: The Lord can do all things. 

I can see the Lord's hand in my life, as well as all of those around me.
I know that Christ died for us, and that He lives today. That no matter how many times we may feel we've hit rock bottom, messed up, ruined our lives, we can ALWAYS turn to Him and START AGAIN. It is NEVER too late to start. Or restart. I love my Father in Heaven, and specifically this week I am more grateful for the power of prayer, and the role the Atonement plays in my life.

No, this wasn't my best week of my mission. I know I did the best that I could though, despite all that was happening to us and to those around us. I know that this is the true church, and that this is the most important work I could be doing in my life. I love you all SO MUCH. Please write me, if anyone gets the chance. I love getting letters so much. (:

'Ofa atu,
Sister Noriega

Look who came to visit me from Kaneohe

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  1. I'm just very happy that she is maintaining such a positive outlook regardless of how much she's taken in! That's very admirable!