Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Plan of Happiness

Malo e lelei and aloooo-ha!

Been a very good week here in Makakilo, working hard and trying to better myself as a missionary each day. We've had a meaningful week with quite a few of our investigators. 

The 'theme' for the lessons has been The Plan of Salvation, or, the Plan of Happiness. I remember when Elder Laititi and Elder Murdock taught me this lesson on a Magnadoodle over at the Reay's home! That is the one lesson I can remember them teaching me specifically, and I've never forgotten it. We taught the POS to an 8 year old, 23 year old, and an 18 year old. It's funny, because the message and lesson is always the same, but we have to teach it differently for each investigator.

The Palehua ward is amazing, we were able to have to Toilolo brothers come and teach the POS to Xavier, our young investigator who is being baptized THIS SATURDAY. Xavier is FULL of crazy questions, and we sometimes have a hard time keeping him focused. With the help of the Toilolo team, though, it was much easier and the Spirit was much stronger. We are so grateful for our ward mission team! It was cute, at the end Xavier prayed, and he said:

Thank you for having the sisters teach me that I want to go to the sun, not the moon or the stars. Help me to go to the sun kingdom so I can ask God all my questions.


Teaching the Plan of Salvation is my favorite. Teaching those that we can live with our families forever, and that all who have died will have a chance to hear the gospel. God is a God of 2nd chances, and I am forever grateful for that. He doesn't promise less blessings to one person, we all have the same equal potential for blessings. It is up to us if we follow His commandments and receive the blessings, though. The Plan of Salvation is truly a plan of happiness. Knowing I can live not only with my family, but with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, forever. That is a priceless gift (:

Yesterday, Sister Castaneda and I volunteered to teach Relief Society to give all the Mother's a break. Last week there were 10 ladies in RS. With all the Mother's getting a break, though, there was a full classroom! Cas and I had prepared though, and we taught lesson #10: Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon. What a fitting lesson for us to teach! :D It went so well, and we had a lot of Sisters participate.

Then, we went to a member's home and we were able to see our families!!!!! I am so blessed with a beautiful and supportive family. It's crazy, there are missionaries who have families who are all members, but never write them. Then there's me, getting weekly emails, and cards often (: I LOVE MY FAMILY! I miss them like crazy, but I felt so at peace after saying goodbye. The next time I skype them is the last time I skype them! I go home in less than a year now. WHAT EVEN? Didn't I start my mission like yesterday?

To top off the wonderful day, we had dinner with Brother and Sister Holstein, and guess what I ate and devoured?


After dinner, Castaneda had a prompting to go wash our windows really quick at the gas station. As we did this, we ran into a homeless man named Larry. He was very kind, and told us his story. Lost everything in a divorce, lives in Nanakuli in an area with a few of his homeless friends. Cas and I decided we needed to serve him. I gave him the remainder of my crab (which was a huge sacrifice honestly, that stuff was amazing), and we got him a blanket, and some food from our pad. He was in tears as he thanked us, and told us he was going to share and that his "friends would flip when they see this crab!". I love serving (:

I love you all SO MUCH! Please write me. (: Here's my address!

92-1230 Makakilo Dr. APT 18
Makakilo, HI 96707

'Ofa atu,
Sister Noriega

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  1. What an incredibly generous and considerate thing to do! I'm so proud of you, Alexis!!!