Monday, May 25, 2015

Remember that one time our week was blah?‏

Malo e lelei and aloooo-ha!

This week has been one of those blah weeks. Sister Castaneda was sick for 2 days, so she needed her rest. I did my best to entertain her while we were stuck inside. Our new district leader is pretty awesome, so they took care of all of our needs! Plus, our new district leader is Elder Bergman, who was my district leader for a while in Kaneohe. I've got connections :P

On top of that, nobody was home this weekend once we were able to go out. Curse you Memorial Day weekend!
We did the best we could, though. We have a lot of less-active members who are older, so we were able to focus on them more this weekend.

There really isn't much to report from this week. Not too many people were out and about, so even while we went tracting we didn't have much success. We are not discouraged, though, we know that things will get better! We have interviews with President Warner on Wednesday, and we are going on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders that night. Then we have zone meeting Thursday, and Saturday Martha Turner is getting baptized! I am not going to be able to attend the baptism, but I know that it is only important that she is getting baptized. There is much joy in my heart for her and the Turner family, and I am so grateful I was apart of their journey.

I love you all very much,  and appreciate the love and support you all offer me. I hope you all are able to see God's hand in your lives, for He is with us all day everyday. Remember you are loved (:

Ofa atu,
Sister Noriega

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  1. Man, missionaries seem to get sick all the time, but it would make a lot of sense because of how much work they do and how frequently they see loads and loads of different people!