Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Transfer number WHAT!?‏


The new transfer starts this Wednesday, and I began using my new planner today. 
Remember that one time that sisters serve for 13 transfers, and this marks the beginning of my 6th transfer?

Okay. Back to my week. (:

Every single day this week we met with Xavier, to finish teaching him all the required lessons before his baptism. Teaching Xavier has been a joy, I have never taught someone who is so inquisitive and interested in EVERYTHING we say. For the first lesson of the week, we had his friend Marley come with us. You think your life is awkward? Try teaching the Law of Chastity to two 9 year old boys who have no idea what chastity is :P We then taught tithing, which was much easier. To explain tithing, I tried to think of how to explain in an easier way that it is giving 10% of your income back to the Lord. I was hungry in that moment, and I came up with this:

It may not be perfect, but Xavier understood! :D
(awkward moment I just realized I gave God the smallest piece sorry about that)

Over the next few days, we also taught him the Word of Wisdom, and went over the baptism questions. His interview for baptism with our District Leader was about 45 minutes. The average interview is maybe 15 minutes. Needless to say we were a little nervous, but when they finally came out he was ready (: On Saturday he was baptized, and Sunday he was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! My companion is sending me pics from the baptism, so those will come later!

We saw many miracles this week, as always. 

We had another super spiritual lesson with Kainoa and ''the army'' of boys that come with to his lessons. We teach a class basically, consisting of 1 investigator, 2 super active members, and 4 less active members. I am grateful for the Spirit guiding us through lessons with them. A bunch of boys under the age of 20 can be hard to keep focused, but we handle them just fine! It was cool, we followed up on if Kainoa had prayed about the Plan of Salvation. He said "I did actually, and I fell asleep a lot quicker". Funny how the Spirit works with each of us (: We know he felt the Spirit as we taught the Restoration, unlike any time before!
My companion and I, we both have different strengths is lessons. Her favorite lesson is the Plan of Salvation, and she's super good at it. My favorite lesson is the Restoration, and apparently I'm a spiritual powerhouse when I recite the First Vision. What a difference, compared to the first time I taught the Resto! I seriously have that lesson memorized through and through, and I'm grateful for that. Now to work on the Plan of Salvation :P haha!

We visited a lot of less active members this week, all who were very receptive to our message. Sister Castaneda and I will be staying in the Palehua ward one more transfer together! :D So blessed to be in such an amazing ward, with members who are so dedicated and passionate about the work. 


Guess who agreed to baptism on the 30th of May!? MARTHA TURNER. MY MARTHA IS GETTING BAPTIZED IN KANEOHE ON MAY 30TH.
Sister Harris called me while we were in the store, and when she told me, literally everything stopped around me. The Spirit filled my soul, and it testified that she was truly going to be baptized. I cried of joy. My Martha is getting baptized, and has requested I be there for it <3
Sister Harris has told me she's going to do all she can to get me over to Kaneohe that day. I remember when I left Kaneohe for Makakilo, the very night before I was transferred, Martha told me "Sister Noriega, I need you to know before you go that I will be baptized. It may not be on April 25th as planned, but it will happen. I needed you to know this before you left." I'm crying right now just typing this out, how much love I have for my Grandma here in Hawaii. I am her hanai-ed Granddaughter, and I KNOW I was sent to Hawaii to find her. I love her with all my heart, and I pray I will be able to go and witness her baptism. Watching her be baptized will mean I will no longer be the only member in my family. She is my family, along with Jackie and Dale Turner. I'M JUST SUPER HAPPY OKAY? (:

I have so much love for the Savior, and all that He has done for us. Please keep not only me, but Martha, in your prayers.
I love you all so much, and please, write me! :D

Sister Noriega

My Martha, the night before I left Kaneohe

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  1. Oh, man, pizza sounds good... That was a genius way to explain tithing, too! I think I get it now, thanks to that metaphor!