Thursday, July 30, 2015

There Can Be Miracles When You Believe!‏

Good news everyone: I didn't get sick this week!

Just thought I'd start off with that positive news. Oh, and some other news... remember when I said that we were struggling, but I knew there was a miracle around the corner? Let me start from the beginning:

Kelliann is a 9 year old girl I've been teaching since April. Her Mom is an active member, but her Dad is less active and very much against the church. They haven't come in years as a family, but every once in a blue moon Sister Cruz and Kelli can come. Kelli is such a special young girl, she has the light of Christ so strongly within her. Her testimony has grown significantly from the first time I met her until now, but her Dad hasn't approved of her being baptized. This has been hard on Sister Cruz, coming from a very active LDS family herself. She's taken all the discussions, and has honestly been ready to be baptized for a while now. When Sister Mitchell came into the area, she suggested that we have a specific fast, and exersize our faith. To soften Kelliann's fathers heart, that he would allow her to be baptized. The week before last, we fasted, prayed and followed up with the Cruz family. They told us they'd be asking her Dad this last Friday, if he would allow the baptism. We didn't hear anything all weekend from them, and not gonna lie I got super nervous to the point I was afraid to call and ask them how it went. Come Monday afternoon, after we were finished emailing, we get a text from Sister Cruz: "Kelliann's Dad said yes, can we schedule the baptism for August 1st at 2pm?" So. 


I cried, I have been praying for the Cruz family since I got here. My heart is full of love for our Heavenly Father, and for His miracles. Kelli is so excited, she showed us her baptism dress and was showing it off. She couldn't be more ready for this special covenant she is about to make. She's amazing! <3

Another small-kine miracle: Xavier (he was baptized in May), his Mom, Emeline, is from Samoa. She claims she was baptized when she was in high school. Funny thing about Samoa, the church leaders aren't very on top of their records over there. So she's getting baptized on August 8th! Before April, she had been inactive for... 15 years. Then, out of nowhere, she wanted her son to be baptized, and now she's getting baptized. The journey has been a funny and spiritual one, very happy for her (:

The rest of our week continued to be rough, as the last 4 have been. Not many lessons taught, not many people willing to listen to us. BUT, somehow, we were able to find 5 new investigators in our little area, including a Mexican military family! We also have a super solid 15 year old investigating as of last night. His name is Solomon. He is the cousin of one of our members in the ward. He is searching for God in his life, and wants to have that joy that his cousin DJ has found in this gospel. Solomon is so sincere, the Spirit was so strong in our lesson last night. Member referrals are SO IMPORTANT.

I challenge everyone this week to pray. Pray about who could use the joy in the gospel in their lives, specifically at this point. As a missionary now, I realize how important it is to share my love for Christ and His gospel with everyone around me. There is no greater joy in my life than knowing I am a daughter of God, a God who loves me with a perfect love that will never change. As you pray for missionary opportunities with sincerity, I know the Lord will bless you with faces and names of those who are ready for the gospel (:

I love you all very much, and I am grateful for the love and support I feel. Next week we will be getting transfer news. I've been here for 3 transfers now, so. Not sure if I'm staying or going, but I know the Lord will keep or put me where I need to be. LOVE YOU ALL! Stay cherry (:

~Sister Nori

I hate hiking, but that's okay

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