Tuesday, March 24, 2015

He > I‏

Aloha everyone! Been another wonderful week here in Kaneohe, and I am still absolutely LOVING my mission here in Hawaii! :D

We had a few unproductive days, Sister Harris has been sick (along with a few of the elders in our district) and then I got sick. Gotta love that comp unity :P We still managed to work, though!On Wednesday, we were able to go on splits with 2 ladies in our ward, Aunty Vivian and Aunty Jan. It is so helpful to have members come out with us. There's that bond you can create with the investigator with the member, which is great because us missionaries won't be there forever. Fellow shipping is SO IMPORTANT when helping an investigator. It helps them know that someone besides the missionaries care, and that when the investigator goes to church they'll know someone. I know the fellowship in the Apache Park ward was a huge reason I continued to go to church! Anyways, so we had quite a few amazing lessons. I went with Aunty Vivian to see Martha, and lo and behold, Martha knew Aunty Vivian's parents growing up! It was such a special visit, and yet again the spirit was strong in that little hospital room. Gosh, Martha is just, such a special woman. She has a beautiful smiling face, and wonderful spirit that can brighten anyones day. I truly feel like she's my Grandma, I have such a strong love for her! Aunty Vivian and I then went and saw Sister Stokoe, who has been in Aloha Care for quite a long time. She has severe dimentia, and it's really sad.  We sat with Sister Stokoe, and apparently Stokoe speaks Samoan (which explains why we can never really communicate with her). Aunty Vivian's husband served in Samoa, and so she's somewhat familiar with the language, so there was a few words spoken. Then we sang Sister Stokoe a medley of tunes, including "I am a Child of God", "Teach me to Walk in the Light", "I Stand All Amazed". It was a really cool visit (:That night, Sister Harris and I were asked to give the missionary moment at our zone leaders baptism, which was nerve-wracking but fun I guess! After that, we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. Soooo I went to OLOMANA <3I was with Sister Andre, and it was the usual Thursday in Olomana. Just like when I was there 5 months ago, we scooped horse poop at Uncle Ben's, and then had a day full of visits with many familiar faces! It made my day, everyone was SO EXCITED to see me. Being there only one transfer, I didn't realize how much of an impact I had made on these people. I was able to see the Tavares family, and was able to share a scripture on the importance of family prayer, something their family has gotten so much better at. I am so proud of them, for how far they've come in such a short amount of time. They are finally in a HOME, and not Weinberg village anymore. The Lord has truly blessed them. I feel so blessed to have been apart of their journey <3

That night, we had dinner with the Kahalewai ohana. They couldn't believe it was the Sister Noriega they had met 6 months ago! They kept telling me how good I looked. They said I looked so happy, confident, and that I had matured so much. Also that they like my lighter and longer hair (: It feels so good to know that I have changed for the better in my short six months on the mission. They don't know it, but that dinner conversation meant the world to me <3

The next few days we good, with many spiritual lessons. When I came back to Kaneohe 1st, Sister Harris told me that while I was in Olomana they had set Reuben with A BAPTISM DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a "faith date", something to work towards. We know that God is a God of miracles, and that if our faith is sufficient, anything is possible. May 30th is what we are shooting for. I cried, I was SO HAPPY!

There have been a few trials this week, but I know that they are all for my benefit. I know that God is greater than I, and without Him I am nothing. I know that as I am serving the people around me, I am only in the service of my God. I love my mission so much, and for the wonderful opportunities I'm given daily to grow spiritually. I am so blessed. I can't say it enough, I LOVE MY MISSION.

I love you all SO MUCH <3 Don't be strangers, write me when you all can. LOVE YOU!

~Sister Nori

Look at this dramatic picture, isn't it fantastic?

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  1. I KNEW her hair had gotten lighter! It wasn't just me! I'm loving that dramatic pose next to the water. There's something pensive about it.