Thursday, March 5, 2015

Love is the essence of the gospel!‏

Aloha everyone! 

This was the first week of my 4th transfer here in the Hi-Hon mission. Time is flying!!!

Our week was super busy/hectic/memorable and spirit-filled! We spent a lot of time over at the Sister's house, helping Sister UV pack and get her bags situated. It was such an emotional Wednesday, not only did I have to say goodbye to UV, but to my "stepmom", Sister Lasike! Transfer meeting was full of familiar faces, and we took so many pictures. Everyone says your mission flies by, and you don't even realize it. I'm learning this to be true more and more as the days go by. I am so grateful I have 13 months left to serve!!!

Back to business now. (:

Not much happened on Thursday, so I'll skip ahead to Friday!

We had an amazing lesson with Martha Turner, who is still currently recovering in Aloha Care. We hadn't seen her in a week, and we felt strongly impressed to see her. Sister Harris has been thinking of Martha a lot, and setting her with a baptism date. I had been thinking the same thing, but with her current shoulder surgery and inability to walk, I didn't feel comfortable setting a date yet. As we were walking in to go and see her, though, I felt myself feeling confident and calm about this visit. I didn't necessarily know that we'd ask her to be baptized, but I knew it would be a special lesson. I shared with her a quote from one of the apostles, which talked about serving those around us and helping them have the happiness that we have ourselves. Sister Harris segwayed it perfectly into the gospel, and that is why we are serving our missions. To share that message that God DOES love EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. CHRIST loves EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. That is why He performed the Atonement: So we can return to live with our Heavenly Father.
While Martha was commenting on the quote, Harris turned to me and simply said "April 25th".
We had originally somewhat planned to shoot for the 18th, but the Spirit was telling us otherwise. That's when I popped the question:

Martha, will you prepare yourself to be baptized on April 25th?

What did she say, you ask?

She said YES
She has been taking the discussions and meeting with missionaries for years, and now she truly feels she is ready. Martha said that before, she focused too much on the insignificant things, like what she would wear and who would be at the baptism and such, and not on the actual significance of entering into that special covenant with our Heavenly Father. Martha also said that April 25th is her Mother's birthday, which would make the day that much more special for her. Following the promptings of the Spirit is SO IMPORTANT while teaching others the message of the restored gospel. We as missionaries cannot convert and convince people of the truth of this gospel, only the Holy Ghost can truly touch their hearts. How amazing it is, to help others in Hawaii recognize the Spirit in their lives! I literally started crying when Martha said yes. She and her family have become like my own ohana to me, and to know she also knows this gospel is true... it really is one of the best feelings in the world. 

On Saturday, Sister Harris, Sister Sateki and her new companion, Sister Latu, went and did service at our Bishops house! We cleaned their home for them, to try and thank them for all they do. The Carlile's do SO MUCH for not only the missionaries, but for others around them. Currently this couple from Idaho named the Wood's are staying with them, and they set up this little service project. It was really nice to do something for the Carlile's! We jammed out to MoTab and hymns, and I showed my skills as a ballerina. (: Afterwards, the Woods took us out to dinner at Pizza Hut, and it was just good fun!

Sunday was nice, it was fast and testimony meeting. The Spirit was so strong! I can hardly believe we are already in March. Didn't I just go to the MTC yesterday?

Our P-day has been SO MUCH FUN. We had a combined district breakfast, and we all brought food. Elder Bergman, Baker and I made most of the food, we feasted, then we played a hardcore game of volleyball. I can't believe how much I enjoy sports now, especially volleyball. I'm actually getting better, once I stopped attempting to dodge the ball... :P

The work is good, the church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus is the Christ! I feel so much love and joy in my heart, unlike any I've felt before. I love my mission, and all the opportunities to learn and teach I have. How lucky we are, as missionaries. God doesn't NEED us to be out here. He could easily to it himself, but he allows us to have this time to learn and grow as sons and daughters, in ways I never knew. I feel so blessed to be apart of God' army, and I'm truly the happiest I've ever been. That doesn't mean trials do not come, but I am strengthened through Christ. I love you all so much, thank you for all your love and support!

'Ofa atu,
Sister Noriega 
Lasike is HOME!!

Transfer board in the AP's office

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  1. Man, I really should play sports just for fun, too, but I'm too lazy to walk to the park. Alexis sounds like she's enjoying herself, though, and that's awesome!