Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Re-motivation, re-activation!‏

Aloha everyone! (:

Dang. I don't really know where to even start with this week. We've been struggling to find people to teach in this area. We find ourselves meeting with the same exact people all the time, and it really isn't that big of a teaching pool. Along with our Ward mission leader, we've taken some big steps towards hastening the work in the Kaneohe 1st ward. This week, Heavenly Father blessed us BIG TIME.

We had our first district meeting, which was super great! We've been aiming to use family history work as a finding tool, and that's what our training was on. We've been given these really cool booklets, so that we can do a little summary of what FHW is, and our own personal experience with it. We discussed our personal experiences with one another, and realized how each of us have had a spiritual experience with it! The training was good though, and as we started our day, Sister Harris and I hit the ground running. We contacted 1 of the referrals we had been given by the elders in our zone. When we got to the address, we asked for David. The lady said David was busy, and so we struck up a conversation with her. Her name is Ellen, and David is her son. She was super nice, and as we talked more she told us she had looked up our church before. Why?


Cool, yeah!? Ellen said that we could come back and help her more with her family history, and talk with her more about the church. Our trainings for district meeting are no coincidence, Heavenly Father places certain people in our path so that we can help them come closer to Christ. Gosh, it was just super cool!
The rest of the day continued to go well! We contacted another referral named Dave. He works for a member of the church, and has met with the missionaries before and gone to church. He was open to having us come over and teach him, so TONIGHT Sister Harris and I will be meeting with him.
The rest of our day went well, had a few good lessons with our usual people, the Higa's, Martha, Steven. It was a great day (:

Wednesday, after my doctor's appointment, we had interviews with our mission president. It went well, and it's always really good to be able to talk one on one with President Warner. It was nice to hear that he has so much faith and confidence in my ability as a missionary, and that he's proud of how much I've overcome on my mission. He mentioned that I'm 1/3 done almost, and that I have changed so significantly. He says he can't wait to see the woman I am at the end of my mission. It was just super cool!
That night we also did ZUMBA. Every Wednesday night at our chapel they have Zumba, and many nonmembers come. Naturally, the missionaries just happened to show up and WORK. (:

On Thursday we had a few really great lessons as well, but nothing too exciting. Friday was our golden day (:

A few companionship's from Kaneohe went to this community garden in Kahalu'u to do service from 9-12. The elders cut some trees down, we fixed up a few gardens, pulled weeds, bit by choke mosquitoes, the usual. We had quite a few missionary opportunities there!

After that, we went home, showered, and got ready for the rest of our day. We had Sister Wood come out with us to make a few visits, all of which went very well, but our visit with Martha was something special. When we walked into Martha's room, Sister Wood and Martha just looked at each other and were beaming. There was a special spirit, and they just talked like they had been friends forever. Then Sister Wood said "I feel like I've known you forever, even though we just met. I felt it as soon as I saw your smiling face." and Martha agreed instantly, and they both got teary-eyed and emotional. Sister Wood started talking about how before we came to earth, we lived with our Heavenly Father in the Spirit World, where we all knew each other. Sister Wood says they must've been best friends, and were meant to find each other. I was about to cry, I felt so much joy in that moment. It's a rare and beautiful experience to witness, 2 sisters from the pre-earth life finding each other once more. (:

The rest of our week was amazing. We've been meeting with so many more less active members and families. We hit and exceeded nearly all our goals as a companionship, and our zone leaders called to congratulate us for our hard work. We helped the zone reach all of our goals, and we "saved" the day. We love being missionaries. I LOVE being a missionary. This week motivated me even more to do all that I can, and my faith has grown exceedingly. I love my mission, and the miracles I'm able to witness as I serve.

I love you all SO MUCH. I will be talking to you all next week. Thank you, for all you do <3

Sister Noriega

Pic from our hike this morning (:

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  1. I would love to hike over there... It looks so relaxing and pretty! It's so fascinating to see that two people who have never met could share such a strong bond, as well. That's great!